Terry Fator

Terry Fator is a singer, comedian, ventriloquist and celebrity impressionist who burst onto the national scene after winning “America’s Got Talent” in 2007 (despite the fact Winston said he won it for Terry).  A native of Texas, Terry spent over 20 years on the road performing at everything from schools to county fairs before becoming a Vegas headliner.

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Winston the Impersonating Turtle

Winston is the star of what he calls “his show” at the Mirage.  A turtle who can impersonate any singer, he won America’s Got Talent for Terry.

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Ben Harris

Ben stays versatile with credited songwriting for himself and other artists. Whether rocking his energetic solo show, or opening for Vegas’ number one headliner, Ben’s main goal is to engage with as many loving fans as possible to make sure they have the best night of their life!

Michael Jackson Puppet - Terry Fator


The King of Pop himself “Michael Jackson” will take the stage with Terry, so get ready for a medley of Michael’s greatest hits.

Paul McCartney Puppet - Terry Fator


Joining Michael on stage for a duet of The Girl Is Mine is “Paul McCartney”. After that Paul will go solo (okay with Terry’s help!) and do his special take on some Beatles classics.


A new superstar is joining the cast. Oscar winner and Grammy winner Elton John! if you love Elton’s Tiny Dancer, Benny and the Jets, Honky Cat and so many more, stop by the show to check him out.

Donald Trump

In all the years I have been doing my shows, I have never gotten a more fun or bigger reaction than I have with my new “Donald Trump” character. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, I think you’ll really enjoy our new Donald Trump character.


Julius is a legend from the Apollo Theater, a constant reminder on stage of how much cooler he is than Terry.

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Walter T. Airdale

Walter T. Airdale is a country singer running for President because he believes  as a dummy, he’ll fit right in Washington DC.

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Rusty the Robot

Rusty is the Mirage’s new prototype robot, designed to do the jobs of any or all employees.  He can sing in a number of voices–from the Tin Man to Elvis to Garth Brooks to Bruno Mars–and he has an intellect second to none.
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Emma Taylor

Emma is the selfie-taking, always-texting cute 12 year old girl…with the really BIG voice.

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Vikki the Cougar

Vikki is the ultimate cougar, always on the prowl for young men who live rich and see poorly.

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Duggie Scott Walker

Duggie is Terry’s annoying neighbor, a hard partying dude who lives in Nevada with a Colorado state of mind.

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Maynard Thompkins

Maynard Thompkins is the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator who doesn’t actually know any Elvis songs.

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Monte Carlo

Monte is an original member of the famed rat pack, a lounge singer with dreams of headlining in Las Vegas.

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Fernando V. Francisco

Fernando is a lover…of beautiful women and beautiful songs…but mostly beautiful women. If Julio Iglesias and the Most Interesting Man in the World had a child it would be Fernando.
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