Dianna Gell

Wishing you a fantastic 50th Birthday. Enjoy the day & celebrate YOU!!!


Happy 50th b-day. May all your b-day wishes come true.

Lisa newland

Happy birthday terry I remember when you played with texas the band and ya’ll played at mustang quite a bit i really enjoyed listening to ya’lls music and we lived on w 15th and noticed you guys were right around the corner good times.

Liz H.

Happy 50th to you. All the best!

Judy and Garwood Robb

Saw your show three years ago and loved it . We’ll be back again soon have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your Canadian fans.


Terry, we have seen your show six times!!
Please have a fantastic Birthday and LIFE!
If you can get your agent to book you into the sharon performing arts center in the Villages Florida you will make thousands of over 55 ers very happy. All blessings

Mary Beth

Have a super 50th Terry! I remember when you were on “America’s Got Talent”. I so wanted you to win. I am from the older crowd and I remember ventriloquists on Ed Sullivan and the like. I was sooooo glad you won!

Hope Allison

WOW Terry, the big 50!… Wishing you a wonderful birthday to a wonderful ventriloquist! You are the BEST!! God Bless!


Your Michael & PAUL skit will always be my fave…you wete my fave on AGT…I wish you the happiest of Birthdays♡♡♡ Hope to catch u in vegas.Best Wishes Fator:)


Your Michael & PAUL skit will always be my fave…you wete my fave on AGT…I wish you the happiest of Birthdays♡♡♡ Hope to catch u in vegas.Best Wishes Fator:)


Happy Birthday Terry! My husband [pasted away] 3yrs ago we both love your show saw you on AGT , and then in Vegas,and then in Mississippi at Beau Rivage. Last year saw your show on my birthday in Mississippi was Great ! Wish my husband was there,

Tammy Reed

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Hope that one day you will come to Montana!
We are in Sula, Montana, very rural…..but beautiful. Hope your Birthday is the best!!

Gigi Z

God bless you on your 50th! May you be blessed with many, many more! My husband and I were able to see your show twice and I want to thank you for your sincere love for our military and first responders … Happy Birthday, Terry!

Penny Bechtold

Happy Birthday Terry. Hope you have a wonderful day. Take care and GOD Bless you.

Dan McCloskey

Happy Birthday Terry! Thank you for your continued outstanding performances and all that you do for us veterans! May God bless you and your family on this half century mark.

Linda Fore

Happy, happy birthday Terry….. Have had one of your CD’s for several years and still laugh every time I watch it. Have a wonderful birthday young man!!


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more!

Linda and David Timmerman

Happiest of birthdays to you! And we Know you’re not really a half century old because that would mean we are ancient!!!! You have always made us proud!

Sandy Lagasse

Happy Birthday!!! I voted every time I could the year you won AGT!!! I was so happy you won you’re awesome, missed you in Vegas when I was there and wanted to see you at Senaca Allegheny but couldn’t get the tickets 🙁 so close too! Have a great day!

Vicki Feeback

You’re not getting older, just wiser and more talented! My husband and I saw you twice when you were at the Hilton in Las Vegas. Best show in town. Happy birthday!

Thess Dull

Happy Happy Birthday to you Terry…my you be blessed with more birthdays to enjoy and celebrate….Good luck to all your upcoming shows!!!

Sue Ver Voorn

Happy Birthday to you…you have gifted us all with so many terrific shows.My 8th show will be at the San Diego County Fair..my favorite act is the cowboy and Michael Jackson skit…soo great..many good wishes to you xo

Dan Horn

Hey, Buddy…

You’re turning 50?!? You certainly don’t look your age. Sincerest good wishes to you! Maybe I’ll have a chance to see you sometime this summer.

Take care,


Happy Birthday Terry, I hope it’s a day that you’ll never forget, spent with many loved ones 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us, having the ability to make others laugh or even smile is a great gift

Rhonda Strickland

Happy Birthday, Terry! I hope it is a great one!

I have been following you ever since you were on America’s Got Talent and finally had the pleasure of seeing you in person when you came to Branson, MO. Awesome show! Hope to see you again soon!

Rose Murray

Happy Birthday!! Wishes for a long wonderful life!! I so admire you & the way you have handled your rise to fame
So good to know there are ‘real folks’ who also have successes!!

Linda Brownlee


Leona Nowland

Hope you have a great Birthday and that one day I might get to see your show live. Leona.


We have been to your show 3 times and will certainly be back again.
I have one word for you : AWESOME !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY – May your 50th be Very Special


Hope you have a Happy Birthday.

Retha Moore

Hi Terry, Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a delightful day.

Barbara Thomas

Terry, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many many more!!! My husband William and I have seen you twice and have throughly enjoyed each time!! Looking forward to the next!! God Bless and keep you safe in your travels!!

Tom Boelling

happy biurthday to a fun person. Can you sing that in ventriloquism?

Diane Riley

Here’s wishing you a very Big Happy 5-0 Birthday! My 7 yr old grandson and I enjoyed your show in Branson very much ! We both had blast! Hoping to catch your Vegas Show someday when I can! Thanks so much for your family entertainment!

Judy Thacker

Happy Birthday Terry, watched you win on America’s Got Talent!! I wish you thevery best!!!!

Loretta Asselin

Happy Birthday Terry! Thank you for all the joy, happiness, and generosity you bring to other. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Mike Buell

Terry, I hope You have a Very Happy Birthday !!!!!! I miss You Guys !!!!!!


Happy Birthday Blessings to one of the most talented men in show biz. I hope you enjoy your birthday and many more to come.

Martha Dempsey

Happy Birthday , you hide your age well. I love all your friends . You are great and deserved to win America,s Got Talent. I love it when I can see you on any program or on here . God gave you a great gift. Thanks for sharing it with all of us Hope

Boz & Mary

Mary & I wish you a happy birthday. Wish we had plans to come out to see you again soon. Love both times we saw your show.

Mildred P

Happy 50th birthday Terry!!!! What a celebration to you you you and you! Enjoyed your Vegas show and also enjoyed watching you when you won America’s Got Talent! May God bless you always! Mildred P of NC

Carlos Rosado

Happy birthday Terry. Wishing you the best from Puerto Rico. Huge fan of yours since I saw you in AGT. Again best wishes.

Bobby Godwin

Happy Birthday, Terry. I hope you have many more.

Maureen Van Herpe

wonderful day to you enjoy your special day and rejoice with God and friends


Happy Birthday, Terry! Hope you have a GREAT Day!


have an amazing birthday! From the first time I saw you preform I knew you were an amazing performer!

Kim Quarantillo

Happy Birthday to an AWESOME entertainer!!! I’ve been a fan since you won AGT, voted for you every week. Saw your shoe in Las Vegas and am traveling to Niagra Falls June 20th to see you again. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Pat Runte

TERRY Have a Very Happy 50th. My husband and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary next year and have really enjoyed your exceptional talent. You are the BEST we have ever seen! Keep up the great shows.


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! We were so lucky to see your show a few years ago at the Mirage. My husband’s dream is to come back to see your show again one day. We love you and wish you the best! Ray & Linda Fowler

June Shipley

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TERRY. I have been a fan of yours since you were on the America’s Got Talent show. I picked you to win & was overjoyed when you did win. I have attended your show several times & always enjoyed your show.


Happy Birthday Terry. Hope your day is as happy as you make everyone else. Have loved you since America’s Got Talent. You are so very talented. Thank you for some wonderful memories. God Bless


Terry wish you a very happy 50th birthday . I am a letter carrier for the USPS and I was appearing on the MDA telethon when I first saw you . Thought your act was the greatest. I did not see America’s got talent . look forward to your NJ visit

Vern & Louise Vodehnal

Happy Birthday TerrY, 2015 Must Be a good year you turn 50, we will be married 50 years in August and we both turn 70 this year so it’s the year of the “0”‘s take care hop to see you I September


Happy 50th
My wife have seen your performances twice and I laughed both times with tears in my eyes from laughter enjoy and continue the terrific entertaining that you and only you can do
PS: 50 is a mild stone embrace it

Barb Comfort

Happy Birthday Terry
You are a remarkable man..saw you on AGT and loved you immediately…you are very talented..I have never seen a person do a better job than you do..I just wish you would consider doing a show in Waycross, GA at the Ritz.. Barb

Gail Reedhead

Happy Birthday!! You are one of my favorite people and I am so happy to wish you an extra special day!! We have seen you in Las Vegas and also in Tampa, and will see you again, every chance we get!! And, oh yeah, you dont look a day over 39!!!

Darlene Jensen

We -My husband and I wish you a very HAppy Bday ! We both wear our shirts on a reg. Basis and we plan on coming to see one of your shows the 1 st week of Aug..As we come there every other yr. To see you . Good luck w/ your future and your Puppets

debbie hoey

Well hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday and celebrate cause you will never see that again. Maybe see you on June 20th at Seneca casino. My birthday is June 28th, us June babies have to stick together.


HaPpY BiRtHdAy, TeRry!! 🙂 Hope you know how much ur loved by your fans!! You are our favorite entertainer!!


Just Wishing you a Big Ole Happy Birthday Terry. Your the Best.
Hurry back to Texas/Oklahoma Hugs.


I Love You Terry!!! Have a very happy 50th birthday!!!

Ellen Bobb-Doheny

Just wanted to wish you wish you a very happy 50th birthday! You are a wonderful person and great entertainer. Hope this birthday is the best ever!

Janet Dearstone

Dear Terry,
I’m 68 years old and have been doing ventriloquism for the last 32 years. My husband and I watched you win on AGT and were so happy for you. Thank you for bringing the joy of ventriloquism back to the forefront! Happy Birthday!

Valarie St Marie

Have a Fantastic Birthday. One of the best birthday presents that I received was front row seats to your show at the Alaska State Fair. You are amazing!!


congrats on another great year! So pleased for you that you have had the great opportunity to share your talents with the world.


Have a special day…Happy Birthday to You…


Have a special day…Happy Birthday to You…

Gene Anders

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Terry. I think what you do is awesome. I also hope one day you will be in Kansas City area so maybe I will be able to attend. Have an awesome day.


My husband & I enjoyed seeing you perform a couple of years ago while visiting Las Vegas & are hoping to get out there again. When we do, your show will be the one we’d love to see again. Enjoy your 50th birthday, & wishing you many, many more!

Joyce Gilliam

I watched you on America’s Got Talent, Voted every chance I could and have wanted to see your show for ages. I hope this Birthday is the best ever – your show is still the best!!


Happy 50th Terry, Hope you had A GREAT Day,always luv you watch your shows. You are A GREAT Entertainer

zina amini

50 Happy 50 Birthday 50
God Bless You always !!
Zina & Mike Amini


Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your day. You are such a talented man. I watched you on America got talent. They when my husband and I were in Vegas we had to see you live twice. We really enjoy your show,characters, and mostly you.

Rick Taylor

Happy 50th birthday Terry.

My wife and I were in the audience of your show in Las Vegas 2 or 3 years ago. I think the month was October. You were taping your second live CD. Can you please let me know the name of that CD.
Happy Five O.

Ron Butcher

Hi, Terry!!! I too am a ventriloquist and I and my cast of characters want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! I think you’re an awesome ventriloquist and have a terrific talent. Again, Happy Birthday from R & T Puppets!!!!


Happy Birthday Terry. I am really looking forward to your show this fall at the Washington State Fair. Hope you enjoy your day.


happy birthday. hope it is full of fun surprises, hugs ‘thanks for the entertainment.

Bonnie bolick

I’ve liked you since you were on AGT. have a very happy birthday and many, many more to come.

Connie Breitling

Enjoyed every show I’ve seen of yours. ..Happy 50th and many more. .

Dianna Jones

Paul and I would like to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday. We are coming to Vegas next month and are hoping to get to see you. We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Have the best birthday ever


Happy birthday, Terry!!! You are still my favorite winner!!! Hope you enjoyed your special day!



Happy 50th Birthday Terry, hope u have a great one


Happy Golden Birthday, Terry!! We are looking forward to your Hawaii show in August. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing inside and out!

Donna Long

Happy 50th Birthday young man. Hope you are celabrating it in style and having an awesome time.


I voted for you, many nights, and every night. You deserve to be where you are. Happy 50 th.

carole wise

Have a wonderful birthday. Your over the hill now


happy Birthda Terry you are my favorite entertainer


Happy 50th Terry. Hope your day is as fantastic as you are!


Happy. Happy Birthday. You are an inspiration to so many. I have followed you all the way through AMG and been lucky to see you at Snoqualmie in WA and in Tucson,AZ. It is so wonderful to be able to take underage grandchildren to see a clean show.


Happy Birthday Terry Been a fan since America’s got talent. You’re so awesome and very talented. Keep up the great job I hope your birthday is awesome and and wish you best of many more.


I remember when I voted for you 10 (the limit) times for you to be number 1 on America’s Got Talent. Your dialogue was clean and hilarious! I laughed so hard. Happy 39th (:)) Birthday!!!!


Happy birthday! I hope it was a great one!!!



David kasper

We have seen your show twice and love u. We will see another. Happy birthday.
You are fantastic!


Terry, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and that you will have many, many more.

Jan Thomas

Happy Birthday to you Terry Fator! Saw you win on AGT. I love your talent, and still think you are the best winner AGT’s ever had. I would die to come see you but I had to quit my job to care for my aging mother. I will see your show someday..


Have a wonderfully Happy Birthday Terry! Enjoy your Day!!